When are you going to add additional standard carriers? Why is this so difficult to do?

Standard markets typically want to see a certain level of production and a plan from their partner agencies. Smart Choice works with the markets in our program to provide the best balance between production requirements and ease of doing business. Right now, we offer a large variety of carriers to our agents, but we are constantly working to add more standard carriers for personal, commercial, and life and health.  Most recently, we added Dovetail to our list of available carriers.

Our purpose is to serve you. We need your feedback to determine where our focus should be. If there is a carrier that you feel we should offer, let us know!

How is Smart Choice® different from other MGA’s?

This is a question we hear most often. “What makes YOU stand out?” “Why should I work with you?” “How are you any better than the others?”

Smart Choice is unique in that…

  • We charge you NO up-front fees and NO monthly fees to be a part of our program…ever
  • We don’t bind you in to a long term contract. If after a year, you decide you don’t want to work with us anymore, you’re free to leave!
  • We have something for everyone; whether you are an experienced agent or  just starting out, we can help. We have products and solutions for virtually every facet of insurance!
  • We have experienced and helpful representatives in every state in which we are licensed!