Commercial Lines

Writing commercial lines business should be a goal of every agency, and Smart Start can assist you in meeting this goal. Many agencies attempt to write commercial business and give-up after only a few weeks or months when they don't see immediate results.


Fill out an on-line prospect form and submit it to Smart Choice®.
The carrier will notify Smart Choice® of the results and Smart Choice will notify you.
Smart Choice® will submit the prospect form to the carrier.
Commissions are paid to you on the 15th and 30th of each month as received from the carrier. You will receive a detailed commission report by policy for each carrier.
The carrier’s sales team will contact the prospect, or the submitting agent, and return a quote valid for 30 days.
The carrier will work with you to service and renew the account during the calendar year.

Agencies face the daunting task of learning every carrier’s different coverage forms, terminology, different marketing techniques and obtaining competitive carrier appointments.

But with Smart Start, agents simply use our easy-to-navigate carrier preference guide to determine the proper underwriting market, fill out and submit a prospect opportunity form to Smart Choice®, and we process and submit the form to our carriers’ in-house sales centers. We do the work for you!