Part 3: Should I Join An Insurance Aggregator or Agency Network?

Many independent insurance agents, both new to the industry and established agents, at some point find themselves asking the question: “Should I join an aggregator or agency network?” Independent agents aren’t tied down by the restrictive contracts and obligations that captive agents are – but they face their own set of challenges as an independent business owner. This ongoing blog series investigates both benefits and drawbacks of agency groups.

Benefit #3: Access to training and other resources

Often an agency network can help with a variety of different types of training to help keep your agency current and competitive. They can set you up with specialized product training through the carriers with whom they partner, including keeping you updated on current carrier appetites in your state, and new products and services. In addition, they can assist you with learning to add other lines of business to your agency, such as education on commercial quoting procedures, or specialized markets. The best part is that you’ll often have a dedicated customer service representative available for questions as they arise, so you can learn as you build your business. Some may even provide marketing and sales advice in some capacity.

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