5 Ways for New Insurance Agents to Gain Customers

5 Ways for New Insurance Agents to Gain Customers


It can be difficult for an agent just starting out with his or her own office to know where to start finding customers – and it’ll take a lot of hard work to get to a point where you have a steady flow of customers coming in the door. Here are some tips for getting off to a great start and creating lasting practices to help you achieve success.

1) Look Professional

If your office looks shabby and so do you, you’ll lose trust of potential customers almost immediately. Dress the part of a professional by wearing a suit. Keep a clean and tidy office. Post pamphlets, education tools, posters and window labels from your carrier partners. Have a designated waiting area that’s bright, comfortable, and separate from where you speak with clients. If you want people to buy from you, you want them to feel at ease and comfortable in your presence.

2) Partner with as many carriers as possible

This can be difficult when you’re first starting out, because you are likely a smaller agency and may not yet have a relationship with your local carrier representatives. To gain recognition and trust with carriers, you can partner with an “agency cluster group” which will help you gain appointments. Don’t be afraid to reach out and network with your local reps either. Set a meeting and buy them lunch. Interact with them on LinkedIn and other social media networking sites.

3) Use your customers for referrals

Starting a book of business from scratch will require you to build on your successes, and that includes not being afraid to ask for referrals from the customers you win. When you write insurance for someone for the first time, send them a “care package” welcoming them to the agency. Provide a folder with information on their carrier, information on how to file a claim should they need to (a great idea is to have a wallet sized or glove-box sized card for them to keep with step-by-step instructions on who to call first when claims arise), a small giveaway like a key chain or pen with your agency’s information on it, and 4 or 5 business cards for them to “refer a friend.”

4) Sell multiple products

Don’t limit yourself here. You should offer personal, commercial and life insurance products if you can. This will broaden your potential customer base exponentially. Not sure how to sell commercial and life? Smart Choice has programs that will enable you to submit your customers’ information and have the business written FOR you, and you’ll still reap the commissions. Click here to find out more about these programs (Commercial and Life).

5) Partner with a local real estate agent or office

Real estate agents are fantastic networkers. They also spend a lot of face time with their clients, and usually keep lists of recommended resource providers for all kinds of things for new homeowners. If you can become the preferred agent of a real estate professional, you’ll get steady stream of new customers coming in the door each month.

Build Your Insurance Agency On Your Schedule


Build Your Insurance Agency On Your Schedule
By: Michael Miller, Smart Choice® State Director

Building an insurance agency is challenging, whether you’re a new insurance agent just starting out on your own or a seasoned agent adding a new line to your agency’s offerings. Developing relationships with carriers takes time and effort. Joining a cluster group is an effective way to fast-track those relationships and gain access to markets that you could not on your own.

But becoming a member of a cluster group can present its own set of issues. Some charge fees for starting and maintaining your membership. Others require agents to share a large portion of their commission, bonuses, and other supplemental compensation.

Often, cluster groups require agents to make a minimum monthly commission with carriers. But savvy agents know that not all months are created equal in the insurance business. Sales can fluctuate month-to-month and quarter-to-quarter. Requiring agents to meet monthly commission requirements can be unfair and unrealistic.

Smart Choice® Agents understands that not all agents have the same sales goals. Some are go-getters trying to maximize monthly sales, while other choose to grow more slowly. That’s why we do not require our agents to meet or exceed monthly commission goals. Our agents have the opportunity to make 100-percent commissions and keep all the supplemental compensation, bonuses, and trips they earn.

Whether you’re hoping to build a million-dollar agency in less than a year or slowly build your commercial insurance offerings in 2016, choose your cluster group wisely.