Tips For Being Your Own Boss

If you own your own independent insurance agency, then at some point you likely decided you wanted to work for yourself rather than for a captive company. Independent agents have to work especially hard to do their own marketing and customer recruiting, in addition to serving multiple other roles in their agency. But any small business owner should abide by some basic rules.

In honor of National Boss’s Day on Friday, here are some tips to be successful at being your own boss, no matter what business you’re in:

  • Do something you love. If you aren’t invested in your work, your business will suffer and cannot possibly be sustained. Make sure it’s something you’re passionate about so you get enjoyment out of building and refining something each and every day.
  • Re-invest in your business. It’s hard enough to maintain a small business on a day to day basis. Once you’re up and running and have a strong client list, you need to take the time reinvest in the places the business is vulnerable. This means education workshops for yourself so you don’t lose your creative spark, business coaching, hiring people to expand, new offices, refreshed website and branding, etc. Take your hard-won earnings and continue to grow and evolve your business!
  • Work a regular schedule. While making your own schedule is certainly one advantage of being your own boss, you can’t expect to run a successful business if you aren’t in it very often. You have to work regular hours to be able to serve customers when they need to be served. Be open. Some local businesses in town are only open three to four days a week and at odd hours that aren’t convenient to many shoppers. Their business suffers because of it. Be available!
  • Take time off. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the business owners who overwork themselves. Treat yourself as you would any normal employee. You can’t expect to adequately serve customers if you’re burned out. Find reliable people you trust to work in your business. Everyone needs good back-up.
  • Value yourself. Most of all, value your time. Use your time wisely. Charge accordingly. Recognize that you’ve worked hard to bring your business to life, and you can’t expect to sustain it without valuing the time and effort you put into it each and every day.

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