EZLynx® provides an entire suite of insurance software products for the benefit of your agency:

  • EZLynx Management System – Run your insurance agency from any internet connection with a cloud-based, easy-to-use interface seamlessly integrated with EZLynx Rating Engine.
  • EZLynx Rating Engine – The leader in real-time comparative rating provides you with live quotes from multiple carriers.
  • EZLynx Consumer Quoting – Allow your customers to run accurate home and auto quotes directly from your website on all devices including mobile.
  • EZLynx Agency Websites – Bring visibility to your agency by choosing a well designed, search engine optimized web presence.
  • EZLynx Client Center – Give your customers the flexibility to access their policy documents and request policy changes 24/7 from your website.
  • EZLynx Marketing Campaigns – Email market to customers with multi-step campaigns that are easily set up in EZLynx and viewable in Outlook®.

Enjoy the difference of the easy-to-use, no installation, & mobile-friendly insurance software – EZLynx. Find out more about how EZLynx can make the difference in your agency.