5 Reasons Why You Should Resolve to Market Your Agency Online in 2016

January 12, 2016

By: Michael Miller, Smart Choice® State Director

Many independent insurance agents are apprehensive about online marketing. It seems like a lot of work to set up a website and make updates to social media accounts. But in 2016, the simple fact is that independent agents need to market online to stay relevant and competitive. Here are 5 reasons why you should market your agency online in 2016.

1. It’s where your clients and prospects are.

It’s just a fact. Your clients are shopping online, reading reviews online, and participating in online communities. Online marketing allows you to connect with your clients where they’re already at.

2. The big guys are already doing it.

You’re no stranger to competing with big carriers. But nowhere are the large direct-to-consumer insurance companies out-marketing independent agents than online. Invest in a comprehensive website and commit to a strong social media presence to compete with the big names.

3. It helps you compete on value, not just price.

The big direct-to-consumer carriers have made insurance a commodity and convinced customers to shop on price. But you know that insurance isn’t just about the premium, it’s about the quality of coverage. Use your website and social media accounts to educate your clients and prospects about why shopping on value is a better deal than shopping on price.

4. Online marketing separates you from the rest of the pack.

Investing in online marketing is a leap many independent agents are unwilling to take. But if you do, it will set you apart from the competition of your fellow independent agents.

5. The Internet can be a referral gold mine.

Most consumers have asked for a referral from their connections on social media. Many have also written reviews of products and services online. If you’re not connecting with your clients consistently online, you’re leaving these referrals on the table. Make it simple for your clients to refer you by being easy to contact and connect with online.

Online marketing is an essential part of selling insurance, but you don’t have to go it alone. Smart Choice® offers agents free web page design and access to an entire social media network to drive prospects to your agency.

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