Habits for Success in 2018

Katie Wilmoth | December 21, 2017

2018 will be here in a little over a week! What are you doing to increase your chances of finding financial growth and success next year? Here’s some advice of effective life habits small business owners should employ:

1) Surround yourself with successful people

American entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
Let that sink in for a minute. We all develop habits and mimic the behavior of our friends without meaning to. What kind of people are you surrounded by on a daily basis? Try spending time with people who are successful, positive and confident. It’s almost a given that the behaviors that have been the catalyst for their success will rub off on you!

2) Don’t let burnout get the better of you

To do this, you must adopt a world view that isn’t jaded. Do the right thing for the right reasons. What does that mean? It means give the best of your services and advice to each and every client who comes through your door. Make it your agency’s mission to provide a valuable service instead of just a commodity. When the monotony of our daily tasks becomes overwhelming, it’s tempting to just mark off tasks on our checklist and get through the day, but real success and growth comes when we are able to remain focused on that mission of providing value and doing the right thing. Keep your clients’ best interests at heart, and you’re no longer just working a job, you’re making a difference in peoples’ lives.

3) “Hope is not a strategy”

This famous quote is right on the money. Don’t let hope be your strategy in 2018. If you want to grow, you have set clear, defined goals, and most importantly…if you want to reach those goals, you absolutely must have a plan. Your goals are worth nothing without one.

First, write down what your dream agency would look like. How many people work there? How much annual premium are you writing? How many customers do you have, and what’s the average client look like? What lines of business are your writing?

Now, contrast that to what your agency currently looks like. How far away are those numbers from your dream agency’s numbers? Take the difference, and divide it into three to five increments. Use those benchmarks to make a plan for the next three to five years. You now have a small attainable goal for each year of growth that ultimately will take you to your end goal. Take the first year and decide what needs to happen to reach each number goal you set – number of clients, of premium per client, etc. – until you have a goal for each quarter of the first year.

Sometimes, the vision of our dream business seems so far away and insurmountable that we feel burnout before we even begin. Having a five year plan and strategy for success each year can invigorate our efforts and keep us moving forward.

Katie Wilmoth