Social Media Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

July 20, 2019

Tips for Insurance Agents Using Social Media Platforms for Online Marketing…

1. Be Consistent

Make sure to be consistent with your branding across all social media channels – use the same look, feel, profile imagery, etc.

2. Be Relevant

Make sure your content is relevant to your audience/client base. Before posting, put yourself in the audience’s seat and ask “Would I find this interesting or useful?”

3. Be Engaged

Monitor your social media platforms. Posting information and sharing stories is great, but if your audience comments, make sure you’re engaging them by being responsive and helpful. Clients want to engage with you – this is another chance to have a conversation and prove your knowledge.

4. Be Strategic

Keep your marketing strategy on track by creating a content calendar. Schedule your post topics on each platform so you have time to prepare them in advance. Posting regularly will keep your audience engaged, and having content ready will keep you posting regularly.

Cover of the Smart Choice Magazine 2019 Issue 4, Sales and Marketing Best Practices and TipsThe Sales and Marketing Issue: Best Practices and Marketing Tips

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