2020 Nets Big Success for Smart Choice and Partners

Andrew Caldwell | November 9, 2020

From the Front Line

Andrew Caldwell, President of Smart ChoiceDespite 2020 being one of the most irregular years of our lifetimes, both personally and professionally, Smart Choice, our agents and carrier partners, have managed to succeed together. We’ve hit some really incredible milestones this year, and we are exceptionally grateful to be partnered with such amazing people in the industry. 

2020 marks Smart Choice’s 10th consecutive year with double digit revenue growth. We also managed to hit our highest contingency sharing year in the company’s history. New agent partnerships again exceeded the 1,200 plus goal, bringing our agency partner number to just over 8,650 nationwide.

In addition to our above market compensation, Smart Choice and our carriers have partnered together to bring some amazing opportunities to our agents. This past year, we gave out more cash and trip incentives than in any other past year. Some highlights include:

  • Over 40 agents will be earning an exclusive invitation to join Smart Choice on an Avalon River Cruise as it winds its way through Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia next summer! This will be an incredible trip of a lifetime!
  • Collectively, agencies have earned over $100,000 dollars in our Cash Pyramid contests.
  • The top 110 agency partners will get to choose a prize behind our “Let’s Make a Deal” contest curtains in the New Year.

Looking ahead to 2021

Smart Choice has no plans to slow down, and every intention of continuing to grow rapidly in order to bring more and more opportunities to independent agents in the marketplace. We’re making the commitment to continue investing in your success, in the following ways:

Technology: Look for continued improvements to the Business Center, making it even easier to write and manage your business through the Smart Start program. You’ll be able to learn about contests, incentives, as well as, review your commission statements and see your progress toward Leadership Status. We will also be launching a new version of our smartchoiceagents.com website in early 2021.

Smart Choice also is investing in Salesforce and AgencyKPI for added corporate efficiency in recruiting, agency management and data analysis. This will help us, our agents and carrier partners identify and manage new business, written premium, loss ratio and identify additional revenue opportunities.

The Agent Program: Smart Choice and our core carrier program partners will continue to drive profitable growth and benefit our agency partners with continued above market compensation and more opportunities for our agents to earn more great sales incentives.

Smart Start: Smart Start Commercial is revamping its back-end process to handle the increased demand for service. With over 2,000 agents currently utilizing this program, we expect to see an increase of nearly double that by the close of 2021.

Smart Start Personal Lines will look to streamline its carrier line-up and focus on added efficiency to help agents grow and achieve earning their own direct sub-code appointment. 

Express Markets: With the launch of expressmarkets.com, you can find a solution for almost any risk that you’ll come across in the marketplace. Look for added strategic niche carrier additions in 2021. 

Revenue Growth: We expect double digit revenue growth to continue in 2021. If your agency is not hitting that mark, set up a consultation with your local Territory Manager to find out how you can benefit from moving more of your premiums to a Smart Choice carrier partner. We ultimately want to help YOU maximize your revenue in 2021! 

Cover of Smart Choice Magazine 2020 Issue V, Year End Edition2020 Year-End Edition

Despite 2020 being one of the most irregular years of our lifetimes, both personally and professionally, Smart Choice, our agents and carrier partners, have managed to succeed together. From double-digital revenue growth to our company's highest contingency sharing year to date, we and our partners have hit some really incredible milestones this year. Check out what else we achevied together in the 2020 Issue 6 of Smart Choice Magazine.

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