Adapting to Changes One Day at a Time

Doug Witcher | May 1, 2020

CEO Newsletter

Who would have thought we would be facing such an uncertain future just a few short months ago? I think many of us believed this would be a temporary disruption, and now many states are facing an undetermined amount of time that businesses will be shut down, which is a scary prospect for much of the population.

This time at home has humanized the corporate world, as we’ve juggled parenting, working, teaching and more. In many ways, we have adapted to remote working and learning more quickly than we would have ever thought possible. In fact, this has proven that everyone really IS capable of embracing new technologies and new routines, even if it’s outside of our comfort zone.

As I noted in my last column, we have been more fortunate than many other industries, as we are a  commodity that has seen much less immediate impact from the shutdowns. We’ve also been given the unique opportunity and position to be a huge resource for our customers during the economic uncertainty.

In this issue, we are discussing how to navigate commercial markets, as well as make sure you’re acting as a full service agency for your clients. Selling commercial in addition to P&C is a great way to diversify your client base, get more referrals from existing clientele, and take advantage of the full suite of Smart Choice® product offerings. Now, more than ever, it’s time to embrace technology and make your service to your customers as seamless and stress free as possible. Communicate with your clients, and make sure you’re giving updates passed on to you by your appointed carriers. Go above and beyond in your customer service while so many are without incomes/jobs, and are stressed about the uncertain financial futures.

Despite all of the negative impacts to the economy and many other industries, Smart Choice® has continued growing and thriving, and I attribute that to our staff’s ability and willingness to adapt, in order to minimize any lasting impacts to our agency and carrier partners. In this issue, you will read about our reaching a milestone of 8,000 agency partners nationwide. This type of growth is amazing in the current economic climate, and I hope that we are able to continue acting as a supportive partner and resource for all of our agencies and future agencies across the country.

As we face the coming months, let’s all move forward maintaining a sense of positivity and perseverance, adapting to the changes we see one day at a time.