How You Can Bank Roll Your Book Roll

November 24, 2015

By Michael Miller, Smart Choice® State Director

Whether you’re brand new to the insurance business or a seasoned agent, at some point, you’ll likely have the opportunity to roll your book of business over to new carriers. Perhaps you purchased another agent’s book of business and want to move your new clients to your preferred carriers. Or, maybe you’ve become a member of a cluster group and can now get better commissions and bonuses by working with the group’s carriers.

Navigating a Book Roll Can Be Tricky

Either way, a book roll can be a tedious and stressful event. It can take a long time for carriers to agree to and perform the rollover of your clients. Some require you to move clients one by one. Once your clients are moved, their policies with their new carrier are not likely to be identical to their old ones. It’s important to be up front about the changes and explain the benefits of making the move to a new carrier. It is possible to lose clients if you mishandle your book roll.

Instead, Get Help … and Get Paid

Fortunately, Smart Choice® and other insurance cluster groups help their members roll their books over. As part of a group, you have more sway with carriers, which will make the process go more smoothly. Carriers may even assign an underwriter to help facilitate the book roll. You may also find you earn more with the cluster group’s carriers, or earn more with your current carriers as a member of a cluster group.

Smart Choice® offers roll-over assistance to our agents, plus a bonus if you want to roll from one company to another. We can help you take the stress and tedium out of a book roll and pay you in the process. Become a Smart Choice® Partner today.