Independent Agents

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    From Analyst to Independent Insurance Agent

    As much as he knew about insurance, Gulraiz lacked a sales track record and the essentials required for carrier appointments. He was denied at his first carrier appointment interview but soon after joined Smart Choice's Smart Start program and wrote $300,000 in premiums in just six months.
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    Protecting Independent Agents' Legacies

    One of the primary reasons so many agents choose to go the independent route is the freedom it brings – the freedom to manage your own life and business, and the freedom to build something on your own terms. It’s very different from running an agency in the captive world with all if its restrictions and requirements – and you have more decision-making capabilities when it comes to your clients and growth targets.
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    The Coming Revolution for the Insurance Workforce

    The insurance industry has a handful of unique situational challenges that can turn into opportunities over the next decade if these societal shifts are recognized and leveraged properly. Our industry’s lack of diversity has always been uncomfortably apparent with relatively minor evolutionary change over the prior decades. Yet, there is a revolution coming brought not by good intentions, corporate initiatives or diversity awareness programs.
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    10 Ways to Up Your Game in 2022

    Ready to put 2021 behind you and up your game in 2022? Education and professional development is the place to start. Here are ten ways you can use education to up your game and grow your agency next year.