E&S Insurance Solutions for Agents in This Hard Market

January 4, 2023

Cover of a white paper titled Smart SolutionsAs markets continue to harden, a previously small slice of the property and casualty sphere has made headlines as a busy – and growing – insurance sector. Excess and surplus line premiums topped $31 billion during the first six months of 2022. Most experts predict continued growth well into 2023.

The time is right for independent and many dedicated agents to enter the E&S market and fill gaps left by non-renewals and tightening guidelines from standard carriers. Surplus lines have long served to cover special financial risks that standard insurers won’t touch. Now, these lines could be more important than ever.

But how do you get started with E&S?

Many programs have launched in recent years that provide agents access to a range of E&S and specialty lines carriers and wholesalers. They offer coverages through multiple markets for hard-to-place risks, including hospitality, property, home, automotive, as well as artisan and specialty classes. They also make it easier for agents to use online search platforms to find immediate coverage when a need arises.

E&S and specialty carriers are a saving grace for many. By filling in the gaps, you can help them, too. Download this white paper to discover:

  • Research and trends in the E&S sphere
  • Success stories from agents successfully navigating the hard market
  • How to secure a variety of E&S markets

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