Marketing: Boost Your Business to Its Fullest Potential

August 21, 2020

Mary Ann Smith, Marketing Production Director

From the Front Line

Mary Ann Smith, Marketing Production Director of Smart Choice AgentsWhen I joined the Smart Choice® marketing team in June of 2019, I heard several times that it takes at least a year to gain a full grasp of the Smart Choice model, mission and myriad of programs. Now that I’ve cut my teeth and have a much better understanding of the amazing company that we are so fortunate to work for and with, I cannot stress enough the importance of marketing yourself and your business to your customers. 

Now more than ever agents must resist the temptation to slash marketing budgets. It seems counterintuitive, but when times are hard, that is when you actually should invest more into marketing. This doesn’t mean you have to spend more money (although you should consider increasing your budget if possible). There are many marketing avenues that don’t cost a thing! If you happen to find your business is doing well, now would be a great time to invest in a few ads or even an employee with some marketing or social media expertise to help boost your business to its fullest potential.

In this issue, we are taking a deep dive into new ways to market yourself and your business in light of the times. We solicited marketing best practices from our agency owners and compiled them. Also, be sure to check out State Director Mike Miller’s top 10 Pandemic-Proof Marketing Ideas to end the year on a high note on.

My best advice right now is to keep things positive. People are stressed out. Ensure your messaging and communications are upbeat and optimistic. Look for ways to build people up – post an inspirational quote on social media or a joke of the day on your website. Find a worthy cause close to your community’s heart, like the home office and TMs did recently with our local United Way CANpaign and get behind it. Be a force for good in these uncertain and unpresented times.

We are incredibly fortunate to be in an industry that is weathering this storm — thanks to the partnerships and hard work that keep everyone moving forward. Smart Choice® remains unwavering in our commitment to helping our partners succeed. With the fastest growing agency network behind you and a little stepping up of your marketing efforts, 2020 could end up being a decent year after all! 

The Marketing Issue

In a time when people may be suffering from economic impacts, as well as information overload from news and other sources, it can be difficult to know what’s even appropriate for promoting your business and staying front and center. So what are the most important things you can do from a marketing strategy standpoint right now? Check out the 2020 Issue 5 of Smart Choice Magazine for insight.

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