Take Advantage of the Marketing Help You Didn't Even Know You Had

Mike Miller | July 30, 2021

a cartoon floating brain with glasses on a red backgroundSales and marketing training is not cheap. It is common for agents to shell out thousands of dollars for lectures from sales experts, hoping to glean a few nuggets they can bring back to their agencies. These big ideas are great but can be difficult to implement without help.

Before you write another check for another sales course that promises to change the way you will run your agency, I encourage you to tap into the free marketing training and resources available to you through your Smart Choice® membership. Between the resources from your carriers, your State Director, and smartchoiceagents.com, you can take advantage of hours of free marketing training and discounted marketing and sales tools. You just need to know where to look.

Free Marketing Training through Smart Choice® Carriers

Your Smart Choice® carriers are invested in your success, which is why many of them offer free marketing and sales training. Safeco, for example, offers Smart Choice® agents access to an entire online learning platform full of marketing and sales courses. All of this is free to you as an agent if you write with Safeco through a direct appointment.

Many other carriers offer exclusive training to Smart Choice® agents throughout the year. Watch your inbox for details about hour-long webinars or full-day training sessions.

Formal Sales Training with Your State Director

Some State Directors offer formal sales and marketing training to their agents. In my region, agents can take advantage of AMP, or Agency Marketing Program. It’s a comprehensive and structured marketing and sales course that teaches agents how to market their businesses. All it requires is a firm commitment to the process, which includes lead list generation, direct mail, phone calls, emails, and other proven marketing tactics.

Tips and Tricks on the Smart Choice® Blog

Staying up to date on the insurance industry helps you anticipate market trends and be better prepared for meetings with prospective clients. Bookmark the Blog + Magazine page of smartchoiceagents.com to stay current with important industry updates. You will also find ideas on how to market your agency, expand your offerings to include commercial and life, and become more competitive in your area by adding excess and surplus carriers. The more informed you are, the more successful you’ll be.

Create a Free Website with the Smart Choice® Website Builder.

If you still do not have a website for your agency, you are missing out on a lot of sales opportunities. With the Smart Choice® Website Builder, you can choose from dozens of free website templates and add your agency branding to create a site that is all your own. Sign up for monthly hosting at a discounted rate and get up to 10 email accounts for you and your staff, too.

Get Discounted Leads with EverQuote

EverQuote is the largest online insurance marketplace in the United States, which is why Smart Choice® has teamed up with the company to provide you with discounted leads. Fill your sales pipeline with auto, home, and life leads that are 100 percent organically sourced. Increase the chance you’ll convert a lead into a sale with a live transfer.

Learn Year-Long for Just $30

For the cost of one business lunch, you can access CE courses all year long. With your Smart Choice® discount, take advantage of dozens of CE Authority courses that comply with your state’s CE requirements. Build your knowledge so you can better cross-sell products to new and existing clients.

Investing in marketing and sales training is pricey, which is why it makes sense to take advantage of all the free and discounted learning opportunities you have through your Smart Choice® membership. Become a better salesperson while deepening your professional relationships with your carriers and maximizing everything your membership offers you as an independent agent. Visit smartchoiceagents.com or get in touch with your State Director for help tapping into these free resources.

Cover of 2021 Issue 4 of Smart Choice Magazine, titled "The Marketing Issue: Weathering Any Storm"2021 Marketing Issue: Weather Any Storm

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