Marketing Your Insurance Agency: "Stop Selling, Start Helping"

Mary Ann Smith | July 8, 2019

Mary Ann Smith, Smart Choice Director of Marketing ProductionFrom the Front Lines

As a small business owner, you likely wear many hats, including being in charge of marketing. The day-to-day operations of running your agency probably keep you so consumed that marketing falls low on your to-do list. Marketing, however, is one of the most important things you can do to keep current customers happy as well as drum up new business.

Author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “Stop selling. Start helping.” While marketing is essentially selling, if you think of it as helping, it becomes a less daunting task and may even be enjoyable! The following tips are three easy ways to help your clients and community, which in turn will help market your agency and keep your business in the forefront of your present and future clients’ minds when an insurance need arises.

Check in with Current Clients Regularly

An essential component of marketing is building relationships. Your customers will appreciate a check-in when you’re, as Mr. Ziglar said, not selling. And, who knows? A new insurance need may come to light during the conversation. Create a schedule to ensure you are checking in with all clients on a regular basis. Even a quick email if you don’t have time for a phone call or in-person chat is better than nothing.

Update Website and Social Media

Remember, you are the insurance expert – show it by helping others understand this complex business! Update your website often with new, up-to-date information and consider a regular blog post. Post frequently on social media with “did you knows?” or interesting insurance facts. Quick videos are great material as well. During a slow time, create a calendar with several weeks’ or months’ worth of content. This way when you do get busy, you won’t have to spend time thinking about what you are going to post.

Be Visible in Your Community

Help out your local community by sponsoring a 5k, arts festival, or youth sports team as a way to get your agency’s name out and show that you are a committed local partner. These opportunities typically have a variety of sponsorship levels, including many inexpensive options. If money is prohibiting you from being a sponsor, sign up to help! Volunteers are always appreciated, you’ll accomplish the same goals as a sponsorship, and you’ll meet lots of new people as an added bonus.

These are just a few quick and easy ways to market your agency that won’t take away time from your myriad of other responsibilities. For those who are ready to take marketing to the next level, be sure to read Roger Gill’s article and make note of his list of marketing resources. And don’t forget to take advantage of the partnerships Smart Choice® offers such as agency website design and hosting, and other business savers.

Remember - be helpful and the sales will follow!

Mary Ann Smith

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