Online CE Programs Remain Popular as Pandemic Lingers

October 15, 2021


A desktop computer, keyboard, and mouse.The COVID-19 pandemic may have created a need for online continuing education courses but agents have since found that learning remotely is what they want, particularly as many companies delay returning to their offices following a resurgence in virus cases.

The emerging preference for learning online accompanies a broader desire to continue working from home due to the safety and convenience that it offers. Recognizing that many insurers will offer the option of working from home at least part of the time, Deloitte suggests that companies and agents pursue new ways of training.

“In-person training is hard to replicate for remote workers,” Deloitte wrote in its 2021 insurance industry outlook. “Insurers with a fully remote or hybrid environment should therefore map out more robust, engaging virtual learning and development programs to complement or even replace in-person training.”

While online CE programs are not new, the focus on them, as with all virtual communication, has intensified as the pandemic has forced industries to leverage new and existing technologies to maintain operations. With in-person training and testing on hold indefinitely in most places, producers who have historically relied on face-to-face resources to complete training are now turning to specialized providers of online education to complete their CE requirements.

Online CE delivers several benefits that are relevant in light of the pandemic. Perhaps most notably, producers can complete courses in the comfort and safety of their homes while adhering to social distancing guidelines. The ability to complete training when it’s convenient is also conducive to the shift many have made to flexible work schedules in response to the demands of maintaining work-life balance. Online CE platforms are easy to use and deliver significant time savings when compared to offline education – a benefit at any time. But not all online CE providers are the same.

When selecting an online training partner and platform, it’s important to consider several important criteria. 

  • How do the vendor’s technological capabilities stack up against available options?
  • Is course content delivered via a secure enterprise platform?
  • Does the vendor have deep experience in delivering online training?

Additionally, the right provider will deliver course content that has been developed by experienced subject-matter experts, and that reflects the evolving demands of the industry to not only fulfill compliance requirements but to prepare producers to best serve their clients.

About RegEd

RegEd is the leading provider of Compliance Education, Product Training and Annual Compliance Programs to the financial services industry. Each year RegEd delivers more than 1 million CE courses and insurance certificates. RegEd pioneered the industry-leading Annuities Training Platform, and, in partnership with the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), delivers product training and state suitability courses to almost200,000 producers representing more than 80% of annuities carriers.

Founded by regulators and industry experts, RegEd understands the challenges financial services firms face when managing, reporting and tracking continuing education. RegEd’s Insurance CE solution provides timely training based upon firm and state requirements, as well as instant reporting to each jurisdiction.

RegEd offers more than 300 courses approved for insurance CE and professional designation credit and awards over 250,000 certificates of insurance annually. It also adds 10 to 15 insurance courses each year. RegEd’s courses are developed by a network of subject-matter experts in the financial services, legal, regulation and policy arenas. RegEd also works directly with a number of clients to customize existing course materials and develop new courses according to their needs.

All RegEd courses are designed to reflect current industry issues and to satisfy industry, state and federal requirements. In addition, many courses can satisfy several licensing requirements simultaneously, especially for trainees with multiple licenses and registrations.


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