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Smart Choice Virginia provides agency development programs and resources to enhance growth and profitability. With the collaboration of Carrier, Broker, and Vendors Partners, our field team and home office personnel offer agency programs and services that include top-tier carrier and market access, comprehensive agency development services, convenient education, and training programs that are tailored for the Virginia market, local support with technology systems, and many insurance resources.

In summary, Smart Choice Virginia provides agencies access to top-rated insurance carriers with no or small production commitments,​ field support, education, and the potential for higher net commissions, and without any fees!

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Why Independent Agents partner with Smart Choice

  • The Smart Choice Virginia Team has been an exceptional help to our agency. They provide excellent services and support with no additional upfront cost or fees. They have extensive knowledge of insurance markets, carriers, marketing, agency technologies, management systems, and any other insurance related resource information that you would need to run a successful agency. We started our agency from scratch, and we are about to complete our third year. I can confidently say we couldn’t have done it without the Smart Choice Virginia Team, especially Roger Gill and Daniel Brown. Whenever I need them, they are available regardless of the time and whatever day of the week it is. They respond immediately by phone calls, text and emails. I highly recommend Smart Choice and the Virginia Team to any Virginia or DC insurance agency! —Hamed Feda Metro Insurance Center
  • Smart Choice Virginia was the best choice I made for my new agency! From our very first conversation, I knew that I would enjoy working with Roger and Daniel. One of the most important things is their availability and quick responses. I have sent emails with a question and they have called within a minute literally. Roger Gill and Daniel Brown are both a wealth of knowledge, from everything insurance to the technology side of things as well. I highly recommend Smart Choice Virginia!
  • I just wanted to take a moment and recognize The Smart Choice Virginia Team led by Roger Gill and Daniel Brown. If you are a new agency or an agency looking to grow a profitable business in the insurance industry look no further! These guys have done a fantastic job bringing to the table all that Smart Choice has to offer. To say they are responsive to requests no matter what the need would be a huge understatement. These guys work tirelessly to help you be successful and grow your book of business. I highly recommend the Smart Choice Virginia Team; they have truly been a blessing to us here at Creekside Insurance Advisors!!
  • The Smart Choice Virginia Team rises above in Support and Services because Roger Gill has been a producing agent since 1997--as a captive Nationwide associate agent to the founder of The Insurance Advisor independent agency. He and Territory Manager Daniel Brown continue to write insurance and have a deep understanding of the carrier products, services, and systems. Therefore, I highly recommend Smart Choice and the Virginia Team to any Virginia or DC insurance agency.
  • The Smart Choice Virginia team has been an amazing partner in my insurance agency journey. They are always available to help with any and all questions. Their knowledge of carriers, insurance markets, and IT systems is extremely valuable for the agents. Roger is a great leader who takes personal interest in the success of all Smart Choice members. I can say with a strong conviction that without his help, I would have not reached this far in the insurance business. I strongly recommend the Smart Choice Virginia Team to all aspiring insurance agents.
  • Roger Gill and the Smart Choice Virginia Team provide excellent services and support, bar none the best I've had. I am new to the Insurance industry. Roger, with his deep knowledge and understanding of insurance markets, carriers, marketing, agency technologies, management systems, and other insurance-related resources made what seemed overwhelming easy to grasp and understand. Additionally, he provided me with a roadmap to ensure my company's success in the industry. He is passionate and cares about the agent getting started correctly. They help their Smart Choice agents grow profitably--regardless of size or stage of development--from startups to large, developed agencies. Perhaps most important to me, they are immediately responsive to phone calls, texts, and emails.

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  • Case Studies

    Tenacity to Become an Independent Agent

    Gulraiz brought a lot to the table. He had experience as a claims adjuster and analyst. He spoke six languages and had done a lot to establish himself. So, he was looking for a place where he could use all his acquired skills and knowledge. When he heard Smart Choice® could help him set up his own agency, get his foot in the door with the carriers, and he didn’t have to pay anything, he said, “Great!”
  • Case Studies

    Serve Like No One Else

    “I knew from the very moment I met with Jeremy that he had that the “IT” factor that would absolutely make him successful not only in insurance, but any field he chose to be involved in. With that mentality, success will absolutely follow.” Rick Mathews, Smart Choice® Marketing Manager. And the success did follow. Jeremy Powers, a former captive, built his new agency from zero, to a book of approximately $1.6 million, within 18 months.
Smart Choice Gives You the Freedom to Succeed.