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    Winners and Losers Have the Same Time

    Tim had survived his first year in sales. Actually, Tim had done more than just survive. At the end of his first year, he was the number two agent at the agency. Out of 26 other agents, that was an impressive accomplishment. Yet he was troubled. There was a secret he had not shared with his manager nor his fellow agents. In fact, he had hidden it from all of them.
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    Looking Ahead to 2022

    As I look ahead to next year, I can’t help but be excited for what is in store for independent insurance agents. In the business of protecting people and companies from risk, insurance has long been considered a conservative industry. But technological innovations are breathing new life into our industry and helping us connect more powerfully with our customers to deliver better products and better service. How could I not be excited for these changes?
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    2021 Smart Choice Year in Review

    Smart Choice has experienced staggering growth over the past few years, and 2021 was no exception. We're proud to partner with such dedicated agencies and carriers. We could not have achieved these milestones in 2021 without you!
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    What's to Come in 2022 for Smart Choice, Agents, Carrier Partners

    Like many of you, I recall breathing a sigh of relief when the calendar flipped over to 2021, with high hopes that the challenges of 2020 were finally behind us. Unfortunately, that was not the case and as the pandemic lingered, so did the obstacles for many industries, including ours. Yet Smart Choice, our agents and carrier partners all worked together to hit some amazing milestones and put together another great year in the books.
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    Protecting Independent Agents' Legacies

    One of the primary reasons so many agents choose to go the independent route is the freedom it brings – the freedom to manage your own life and business, and the freedom to build something on your own terms. It’s very different from running an agency in the captive world with all if its restrictions and requirements – and you have more decision-making capabilities when it comes to your clients and growth targets.
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    Agent-Friendly Contract

    We present six points to consider when examining the contract of an agency network, cluster or aggregator group, alongside the approach Smart Choice uses in its agency-friendly contract.
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    Starting an Independent Insurance Agency

    Starting your own independent insurance agency can feel both challenging and overwhelming — and it’s a leading reason many agents start in the captive world or as a producer in someone else’s agency. Many feel that the challenges of simply knowing how to start any business are daunting and simply don’t know where to begin.