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    What 2021 May Hold for the Personal Lines Insurance Market

    After a year full of uncertainty, making predictions about 2021 may seem futile. While the future is never certain, there are a few personal lines market trends for you to watch in 2021. Some are the direct result of the events of 2020, while others have been in the works for several years. All of them are things to keep your eye on at your agency as you plan for 2021.
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    84 New Agency Partners in November

    Smart Choice®, signed 84 new agency partners in November, marking a continued trend of over 80 new agencies a month, and continuing the company’s long streak of record setting growth.
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    Put the Phone Down

    Salespeople often fall victim to being on the phone 24/7. After all, you never know when that ringing phone might be a sale. So with no one screening a salesperson's calls, they're bound to feel the need to answer every one. But sometimes, salespeople have to set boundaries to be productive.
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    Goal Planning that Actually Works

    If you had to define successful goal planning, what would your answer be? As a businessperson, your definition may be making a lot of money. A salesperson may define success as becoming the top salesperson in the company. Success means many different things to different people. However, few have really thought through how they’ll actually become successful. Effective goal planning is the key to success.
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    Preparing for Winter Weather

    While weather can be unpredictable at any time of year, winter can be especially challenging for those living and working in certain areas. Here are some tips that agents can share with clients to help them prepare for the winter season.
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    2020 Nets Big Success for Smart Choice and Partners

    Despite 2020 being one of the most irregular years of our lifetimes, both personally and professionally, Smart Choice, our agents and carrier partners, have managed to succeed together. We’ve hit some really incredible milestones this year, and we are exceptionally grateful to be partnered with such amazing people in the industry.