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    Tenacity to Become an Independent Agent

    Gulraiz brought a lot to the table. He had experience as a claims adjuster and analyst. He spoke six languages and had done a lot to establish himself. So, he was looking for a place where he could use all his acquired skills and knowledge. When he heard Smart Choice® could help him set up his own agency, get his foot in the door with the carriers, and he didn’t have to pay anything, he said, “Great!”
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    Serve Like No One Else

    “I knew from the very moment I met with Jeremy that he had that the “IT” factor that would absolutely make him successful not only in insurance, but any field he chose to be involved in. With that mentality, success will absolutely follow.” Rick Mathews, Smart Choice® Marketing Manager. And the success did follow. Jeremy Powers, a former captive, built his new agency from zero, to a book of approximately $1.6 million, within 18 months.
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    Just a Phone Call Away

    In 2008, Lee Ann Pridgeon became a first-time agency owner when she purchased the Smart Choice® agency she’d worked at for 15 years. She now owns eight agencies across the state, and six of them came to her through her local network of Smart Choice® agents.
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    Not Only for Startups

    Bryan Clinkscales’ relationship with Smart Choice® started early on in his agency’s history before his father’s retirement. “A mentor of mine introduced us to Smart Choice® and we did a contract, which gave us the chance to get some markets.” As the years went by, Bryan’s agency grew. When he acquired another Smart Choice® agency years later, he had a chance to look at all the different programs Smart Choice® offered.
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    Go for the "No"

    One of the most destructive sales myths in circulation is how the “bulldog” insurance agent finally got the contract, the deal, the sale, after months of constant work. This myth is held up as the epitome of what sales is all about. For the vast majority of insurance agents, the sale is not worth hundreds of thousands in commissions.